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This site is about letting my friends and customers (many people qualify as both) know what I'm doing these days and hopefully increasing my 'corporate' visibility.  After 20 plus, very successful, years in the Vehicle Leasing business I am now doing more varied "freelance" work.

I have always prided myself on being a "Go-To-Guy".  For more years than I can remember I have been asked for recommendations.  Often I'm asked, "Who would you recommend to service my car?" or "How do you keep your vehicles so shiny?" or "Can you help me solve ..." etc.


So now I'm involved in a bunch of varied fields; website design, construction and hosting, marketing some really cool vehicle care stuff and some wonderful health-related products and assisting clients with everything from overseeing trades on home renovation projects to estate clearance and staging of homes and condominiums for sale.


My hope is that if you, my site visitor,  have any interest in the products and/or services listed here, that you will contact me.  I also would appreciate you mentioning me to people you know if you think I can assist with something they might need.  This is intended to be an 'everyone wins' situation.   My friends and customers win by the benefits they receive from using my services and fully guaranteed products.   I win by creating an income through providing these services and recommending and marketing these products.   So, here's what I've got to offer ...

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Website Design & Construction:  I build simple, straightforward, fully functional websites that aren't fancy but that also don't cost thousands of dollars to build and maintain. I tend to build "resource" sites which is to say "informational sites that don't sell stuff online"  although some recent additions are beginning to include online product sales.  Some of these have been volunteer, others for profit.   I can handle all aspects of getting your site up and on-line.  From securing domain names to complete web hosting services and all aspects of website administration.  From site design, construction and ongoing maintenance to ... well, you name it.  Here are some of my current sites:


DRI WASH N GUARD Vehicle and Home Care Products:   As all of my friends (and many customers) know, I take great pride in the appearance of my vehicles.  It used to be a struggle to keep them looking great all the time.  Constant washing was expensive, waxing was hard work and the results of either weren't always satisfactory.  In 1995 my Uncle introduced me to Dri Wash 'N Guard products and I was really impressed with the results!


In one step, Dri Wash 'N Guard for the Car cleaned, sealed, polished and protected my car.  It's quick, easy and inexpensive.  A great way to shine my cars, keep them cleaner longer and looking great inside and out.  Now many friends and customers including auto dealers, classic car owners and collectors, motorcycle enthusiasts and other people who take pride in the appearance of their vehicles are using these products.  They love them!  Many have written endorsements to help me promote these products.  Do you know someone who might be interested in knowing about this?

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TAHITIAN NONI Juice:   Mum & Dad told me about TAHITIAN NONI Juice in January 2001.  The nutritional supplements I had been taking, with good results, were discontinued.  I wanted to continue feeling great so I was open to trying it.  Like Mum & Dad I noticed more energy, improved sleep, better digestion, improved mobility and other benefits.  I was so impressed with this product that I naturally told some friends about it.   Many of these friends have also noticed that, since adding TAHITIAN NONI Juice as a daily supplement, they feel better and they too have told others about it.   The rest, as they say, is history.  Try it.  It won't hurt you.  It will probably help you.  It may change your life!  Click here for more information

Some of the products I offer also provide fun ways of developing multiple streams of residual income.   This has opened up new lifestyle possibilities and income potential for myself and others.  Do you know someone who would be interested in knowing about this?  Have them contact me.  My contact information is at the bottom of the page.  Thanks!


Mike  :)

Mike Hartley   Box 1177 Calgary South PO   Calgary,  AB   T2H 2H5    Cellular (403) 620-0290    Toll Free 1 866 216 3460    Mike@Hartleys.ca