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What if keeping your vehicles looking their best was Easy, Fun, Inexpensive, Fast and Simple?


    and, what if ...

  • you could Clean, Seal, Polish & Protect all your Vehicles; Motorcycles, Aircraft, Watercraft, etc in one simple step?

  • it cost less than $3.50 per application for an average-sized car?

  • it took 45 minutes or less to do an average-sized car?

  • it was easy to have great looking vehicles that stay cleaner, longer?

  • it was easier, faster and better for your vehicles than waxing?

  • you could do this at home, without special equipment, No hoses, buckets, polishers or hassle?

  • the product that could do this had been delighting customers since 1991 and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

  • you could do this while "Saving our precious water for drinking".

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I've been in the vehicle detailing industry since 1984 and I know good stuff - This, is Great stuff!  - Mike H.

















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