Here are some letters and comments from readers of Goon In The Block.


June 29, 2010


Hi Don,


My name is Bill Freiburger,  My father had a signed copy of your book.


He was Stalag 3 and was Flight Lt. Robert Freiburger, RCAF, 405 Squadron.


I read your book and was a great insight into his adventure.


Bill Freiburger




A letter to Don from Tom Cummings, a young reader and fan.






Friday, June 2010 -


I finished reading Goon in the Block last night and enjoyed it immensely. There are not too many accounts by Allied airmen who were POWs in Italy, and I can't think of any that talk about the trip from Italy to Germany in any detail - so there was a lot of stuff in that section that was new to me.


Generally, I really like the way you got into the nuts and bolts of being a POW - all the little things they had to do to survive and make their lives bearable.


Incidentally, one of the rarer books in my collection is called Give Me Air, written by Edward Ward and published in 1946 - he comes up in Goon in the Block on pages 111-112.


There were all sorts of other familiar names too. Reg Kierath comes up in my own book - I was in touch with Reg's family in Australia, and it was nice to see him in the photos. Do you still have the tunic that belonged to the murdered Great Escaper Tom Kirby-Green, the one that you bought at your Stalag Luft III auction, re-cut, and brought home at the end of the war? Tom's widow died ten years or so ago, but his son Norman is a successful artist in the east of England.


All in all, you did a really nice job of putting memoirs together - it made for a thoroughly enjoyable read!

All the best,


* * * * * * *

Jonathan F. Vance, PhD

Professor and Canada Research Chair

Department of History

The University of Western Ontario

London, Ontario

Canada  N6A 5C2



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