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Wherever you are in the world you can use PayPal with no fees to you.  From your PayPal account, choose your option of  'Send Money' / To:  Don@GoonInTheBlock.com   Amount: (enter the Order Total shown below) / and select "Goods" and "Continue" to complete your purchase.  We will follow-up with an email to confirm your shipping details.



PayPal has strict new upgrades that give you secure, no fee, worldwide purchasing power.  Log in to or register your PayPal account in a new browser window at  www.paypal.com   If you experience difficulties using PayPal due to their recent security upgrades please contact PayPal or to arrange alternate payment contact us directly by e-mail at Don@GoonInTheBlock.com


You can also contact Don@GoonInTheBlock.com and we will email you a PayPal Invoice.  With that you widen your payment options, such as registering a credit card with PayPal to make payment.



Canadian Residents can also send Interact Banking Email Money Transfers, and correspond with us to ensure a proper transaction.


If international buyers prefer mailing a certified draft, all Canadian banks hold money orders for 30 days before releasing funds to us.  If that is your preference contact us for our mailing address.


The following pre-set Order Totals apply only to Single Book purchases.  (For Multiple Book purchases please contact Don@GoonInTheBlock.com to find out your preferred shipping rates.)


Ontario and Quebec Residents

Single Book $24.99 + shipping of  $9.00

Order Total  $33.99 CAD


Canada (Outside Ontario & Quebec) and

United States Residents

Single Book $24.99 + shipping of  $11.00

Order Total  $35.99 CAD


International Orders (Outside North America)

Single Book $24.99 + shipping of  $14.50

Order Total  $39.49 CAD


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